Endorse a Performer

Do you have a friend or family member, or are you a fan of a performer that you would like to see get due recognition for all their hard work? Here’s your opportunity to show them how much you appreciate what they do, and help them in their efforts to move up in our performing arts community, while at the same time contributing to three local charities.

How it works
You submit their information to the Forte’ Awards Committee here on this site, and The Forte’ Awards sends them a congratulations letter announcing your endorsement of them with instructions on how they complete the registration process. You receive a letter of thanks with additional information. As a sponsor you will receive a discount code that can be used by you or the performer to purchase advance tickets to the Forte’ Awards Ceremony coming up in November.

Needed Information
Before you proceed to the Endorse a Performer registration page you will need to have the following information available.

  • Performer name (and Band name if applicable)
  • Performer email address
  • Performer phone number
  • Performer’s city & state of residence
  • Category you wish to Sponsor the Performer to ( Optional )
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
Please make sure you give the performer notice that they will be receiving an endorsement registration email from The Forte awards.

To begin Endorsement click here