Does it cost to register?
No. There is no cost to register for the Forte’ Awards. Registration is free.

Where does the money for the charities come from?
The three charities will get the profits from ticket sales. Registrants will be able to buy tickets at a discount. Ticket sales for the general public will begin August 7th.

Who can register for the Forte’ Awards?
Anyone who considers themselves a performing artist, fits into one or more of the 37 listed categories and lives in the greater Lake Tahoe / Reno vicinity can register and be a part of the event. In the case of a band, at least one permanent member of the band must have a local address.*

What do I need to register?
You will need to supply your basic contact information, pictures (up to three), a short bio, and most importantly some demo material. You can upload MP3 audio and MP4 video files (3 of each max). Professional quality is not necessary. Anything you have will work just fine.

Why should I register for this?
This will be the 2nd annual Forte’ Awards. The plan is to grow this event annually, and benefit our charities on an ever growing scale, year after year. This will be the only opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

You will be listed on the Forte website as a registrant and hopefully as a Nominee. As a Nominee you will have a web address of your choosing next to your name that will help lead countless visitors to your information and to your schedule of performances, or whatever you choose to have at that site. The networking exposure can be priceless. And you might win!

What happens after registration?
All material submitted at registration is reviewed by select committees of industry professionals. When the registration period has ended and all submissions have been reviewed, these committees will promote the most deserving of the registrants in each category to Nominee status. At that point the committees are done and public voting begins.

How many people / bands get nominated?
Each individual category will have ten (10) nominees, and each group category will have five (5) band nominees. Depending on the number of people in the bands, there will be between 450 and 500 nominees.

What does it mean to get nominated?
What it means is that you have been selected by knowledgeable and skilled people in your field as one of the best in our community. You are special. It means you are doing it right! It means that you will move up to an elite status as a 2017 Forte’ Awards Nominee.

Also, once you become a Nominee you are an invited guest of the Forte’ Awards. You will be treated as a star with respect and full honors at the Forte’ Awards Event. Since you no longer need the tickets you received at registration to get in, they are now extras to use as plus one invitations for your guests. In the case of a band, all members are now invited guests.

Can somebody else nominate me?
Nobody else can nominate you, but anybody can sponsor you as a candidate for nomination.  Through a program titled, “Sponsor a Performer” anybody can submit a performer for registration and start the process of getting them registered. Details can be found on the Forte’ Awards home page.

What’s the timeline for all of this?
Registration is currently underway and will close on June 30, 2017.

Full details of the Forte Award timeline can be found by scrolling down on the Forte’ website home page.

What if I don’t get nominated?
By putting yourself out there and contributing to the charities, everybody is a winner. Besides the top vote getter in each category getting a Forte’ trophy, all Nominees will get professional quality custom made back stage style laminates with their names on them identifying them as Forte’ Nominees. These will be trophy’s to display proudly.

*In the event of a questionable registration, a meeting of all committee chair people will arbitrate and determine acceptability. If registration is determined to be inappropriate a full refund will be offered. Forte’ Awards would like to add that we foresee no reasonable registrant being denied.