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2017 Nominee List

Theater categories

Actor, Dramatic Role*
-Jessey Richards
-Cody Canon
-Adam Hsu
-John Frederick
-Ian Sorensen

Actress, Dramatic Role*
-Juli Fair
-Sophie Moeller
-Rachel Lopez
-Kathy Welch
-Cori Cooper
-Jasmine Jiang
-Debra Lynn Hull
-Olivia Hansen
-Moira Bengochea

Actor, Comedic Role*
-Cody Canon
-James Miller
-Greg Klino
-Jesse James Ziegler
-Abel Echeverria
-Gary Eugene Cremeans II

Actress, Comedic Role*
-Rachel Steinman
-Vanessa Ribeiro
-Ariana Cramer
-Rachel Lopez
-Jesse Briggs
-Ilyana Hobson

Actor, Musical Role*
-Rodney Hurst
-Cody Canon
-Ryan Kelly
-Richard S. Sargent
-Bill Quinby
-John Frederick

Actress, Musical Role*
-Molly DeLallo
-Jill Marlene
-Jesse Briggs
-Cori Lynne Cooper
-Molly Stewart
-Ilyana Hobson

Best Director/Producer (Comedy, Drama, Musical)*
-Susan Boulanger
-John Frederick
-Andy Mills
-Kendall Mann
-Amanda Alvey
-Ryan Costello
-David Zybert
-John Bankhead
-Joe Atack
-Cami Thompson


Dance categories

Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical
-Kris Swaczyna
-Sophia Carter
-Kelsi Landerkin
-Angela Smith
-Ashley Smith

Dancer in a Musical, Play, or Production Show
-Taylor Shepack
-Courtney Cobble
-July Reddicks
-Jayde Reid
-Dillon Daggs

Ballroom, Jazz and Tap
-Jennifer Oropeza
-Marla Richardson
-Haley Davis

Bollywood, Belly Dance and Movement.  
-C*Chelle Martinez
-Terri Sheridan
-Reno World Dance

Hip Hop, Pop Lock, Breaker and Street Performer
-Alex Gumm
-Michael Kaski

Special Act Performer; including but no limited to Aerial, Contortion, Pole Artist, Hooper
-VaVa Vivian
-Whiskey Sirens (group)
-Rebecca Yruegas
-Claire Nightingale/Tahoe Fire Dancers

All Around Junior Dancer (13 – 17 years)
-Sophia Cacioppo
-Bryce Walsh
-Alex Schwartz


Comedy and magic categories

Male Comedian*
-Jeremy Boswell
-Sammy Solorio
-Cesar Calix
-Paul Bronken
-Bobby Benedict
-Roger Diez
-Nick Josten
-David Gamble Jr.
-Sam O’Brien

Female Comedian*
-Amy Bosch
-Verma Chelli
-Josie Spadoni
-Andrea B
-Sarah Rooker

-Bryce Sanders
-Sam O’Brien
-Amanda Alvey

-Larry Wilson
-Jacques Simard Magician
-Xelena, Empress of the Impossible
-Debi Destiny
-Robert Simpson

Music Categories

Music Group categories

-The Trey Stone Band
-Buddy Emmer
-The Jokers Wild Blues Band
-Jason King Band
-Blue Haven Blues Band
-The Blues Monsters
-Foureyed Jimmy
-Athena McIntyre
-9 Below Zero
-Alex Muddy Smith

Metal and Heavy Rock*
-We Predict A Riot
-Third Edge
-Hollywood Trashed
-Elephant Rifle
-From the Ruins
-Chapter 3
-Machine Gun Vendetta
-Monkey Pinata

-Alisha Sadler
-Seasons of Insanity
-Metalbilly Trucker
-Zack Ryan
-Frankly Fictitious
-Blue Dyno
-Hot Rod Rebellion
-Serenity Awaits
-The Electric

-Reno Jazz Orchestra
-Kyle Rea Big Band
-First Take featuring Rick Metz
-Big Bill Robless
-Alex Muddy Smith

-The Novelists
-Jonathan Rolling
-The Sad Toms
-Eddy Bueno
-Nevada Gay Mens Chorus
-Big Heart
-Asphalt Socialites
-The Run Up
-Pink Awful

R&B, Funk and Soul*
-Mojo Green
-Wesley Orsolic Band
-Trey Stone
-Arizona Jones
-The Sextones

-Spur Crazy
-Everyday Outlaw
-Alex Muddy Smith
-Greg Austin & Southern Justice
-Patrick Casey

Americana, Bluegrass and World Music*
-Tyler Stafford
-The Reno Swing Set
-The Derailment
-Sierra Sweethearts
-Mel & Gia
-Jeff Wayne Watkins

Cabaret and Tribute*
-The Floyd
-Retro Radio Dolls
-Wild Child – A Tribute to Janis Joplin
-Audio Boxx
-Beatles Flashback
-Left Of Centre

Music Individual Categories

Jazz Instrumentalist*
-Rick Metz
-Corky Bennett
-Niall McGuiness
-Doug Coomler

-Gia Torcaso
-Alexander Korostinsky
-Steve Caba aka Guss
-Scott Parsons/Arizona Jones
-Landon Gray

-Trey Stone
-Buddy Emmer
-Tom Sheridan
-Andy Kimberly
-Wesley Orsolik
-Mark Cromer/Cromerzone
-Jeff Montgomery
-Jason King Roxas
-Michael W. Proud
-Eric Stangeland

Drums and Percussion*
-Dean Rossi
-Steve Roberts
-Rick Brenner
-Brooklyn Reiff
-Len Campanaro
-Kevin Maxwell
-Dan Weiss

-Sky Cats
-Rob Lawrence
-Kirst / Kiechler
-Erik Lobe

Hip Hop Vocalist*
-Another Chapter Productions
-Too Much
-Just Sam
-Ronnie Mac
-Luke Wynn
-Nina Ox
-Stratify Feat, Jhaquin
-Stevi Cooper

Female Vocalist*
-Jonie Blinman
-Michele Swaczyna
-Krystal McMullen
-Grace Hayes
-Cindy Sabatini
-Lisa McCuiston
-Grace Gatsby
-Carolyn Dolan Music
-Stevi Cooper
-Natalie Jones
-Kim Emmer

Male Vocalist*
-Shane Whitecloud
-Greg Austin
-Marsh Brodeur
-Tobin Jones
-Eric Andersen
-Mario Guzman