Business & Individual Partnership

Welcome to the Forte’ Awards Business & Individual Partnership page. FORTE is an anagram for Fans Of Reno Tahoe Entertainers. You’re here because you value the performing artists in our region and can imagine there may be a great benefit to your business in showing your support for the vision and mission of the Forte’ Awards. You are correct!

Our Vision… It starts with the conviction that our community is unique and that our homegrown performing artists reflect that beautiful uniqueness through their expressions in the disciplines of Theater, Music, Dance, Comedy & Magic. We also believe that our community is not fully aware of the amazing depth and breadth of our local performing arts community and that we have a responsibility to future generations of performing artists to motivate and inspire their works though an annual recognition of excellence.

Our Mission… To produce and present the Forte’ Awards, an evening once per year to recognize, motivate and inspire the works of local performing artists with an over-the-top red carpet gala on the order of national awards ceremonies we all know and love, and to use the event as a platform to fundraise for local non-profits. Again this year, beneficiaries will be the Nevada Humane Society, the Veteran’s Resource Center of Reno and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

As a sponsor, you will gain great benefits which we are happy to detail for you. Click here to contact our Sponsorship Team. Your dollars are used to produce and present the Forte’ Awards so that 100% of ticket sales revenues can go to the charities. There are no paid employees in the organization. We are all volunteers.

How will sponsorship benefit your enterprise? In our inaugural event in 2016, we saw more than 1200 attendees, nominated over 400 deserving local performers in 40 categories of award. Our analytics revealed over 60,000 unique users accessed the Forte Awards via our website and social media. Our website alone garnered more than 611,000 page views, so you see, there is a great resonance for the Forte’ Awards with the general public and that translates into opportunity for creating awareness, enhanced customer relationships, building on your good reputation and most importantly, increasing your customer base and adding to your bottom line. Our team is professional and prepared to help you maximize the business impact of your support.

Oh, yeah… and it feels so good to do such a good thing for community!

We hope you will join us. Without your support, the Forte’ Awards are just a dream. We have a sponsor package that’s just right for your business and level of support. Click here to contact our Sponsorship Team and let’s start working together today.